Sharing the Ball-Love…at PrimalCon 2014!

Hello Kinesis Community!

DrDawnDPT and I just returned from an unbelievably amazing FIRST experience at PrimalCon – Oxnard 2014!  We are so excited to have our first large scale “presenting” opportunity under our belts. And what a phenomenal group we had!

We really wanted to share some photos from the weekend, some links to the wonderful people we met and give you insight into what we were doing away from Kinesis 🙂 Mark Sisson is the man behind The Primal Blueprint book and Mark’s Daily Apple. Jaynee Higgott (love you!) is the woman who is responsible for our PConOx experience… These two…what can I say?? Amazing recipes, fun pics and an outstanding attitude towards life and health. Chef Rachel’s Keynote speech was more than amazing. It was truly life-changing… And Dr Dawn is implementing Chef Rachel’s suggestions for achieving and maintaining nutritional ketosis. Darryl is Coach Kimmie’s movement hero. She was so excited to meet, talk and play with this guy! Angelo dela Cruz blends martial arts, fitness, and bodywork skills into his signature movement paradigm – VitaMoves. Dr Dawn is incorporating some of his flow motions into her already popular Yoga Tune Up® classes and they’re a real hit! Bob Montgomery’s company. Check it out! Timothy, the Sledgehammer Guy 🙂 We couldn’t have had such a great event without Jill Miller and her famous Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls! We were so happy to represent and educate people on the amazing effects these little grippy rubber bundles of love can have!

And so many more! Find them in this recap of the event!



Saturday’s Survivor-style Team Challenge!! I was on the end of the board and was REALLY glad I could squat low and reach long!!


Sledgehammer workout!! Y’all may be seeing some of this soon 🙂


Brian Tabor showing off his Slackline skills! (@strongmadesimple)


Angelo (Ninja Warrior participant!!) taking the group through his signature series of movements… Vitamoves.


Saturday night Ocean Plunge and Hot Tub sprint! What a gorgeous night…


Our name tags… Love it!!




As you can see, they fed us VERY well. Paleo/Primal all the way! Never having to ask “what’s in it?” or “how’s it cooked?”


Bob Montgomery of NotSoFast Food Truck in San Diego took very good care of the grill! The PCon crew fed approximately 150 of us twice a day!! Thank you!


Holy wow! Darryl Edwards, the Fitness Explorer out of the UK, easily holding both of us for this outstanding shot! We had such a great time “playing primally” with this guy….


Happy “campers”. It was beautiful weather and we were so excited to be part of this event!


Friday morning, introducing ourselves and our BALLS! We represented for Kinesis and Yoga Tune Up® by educating attendees on self myofascial release.


Darryl’s “world premier” of his new logo for PRIMAL PLAY!


One of the amazing crew, Chris, just playing with his balls… 🙂 He DID actually use them for some great trapezius release!


Brian using the Alpha Ball to release some side seam body parts. Namely the LATS!


Coach Kimmie was SO excited to meet the MerryMaker Sisters Carla and Emma from Australia! They attended a few of our sessions and went home with balls of their own 🙂


Dr D leading a Sunday morning session…


GROK ON, baby! I love my new PrimalCon and Grok shirts!


Chef Rachel had a truly self-healing experience to share. Battling cancer for the last several years, her approach to a more ketogenic-based diet has definitely been a game changer! So glad to meet her!


Mats, blocks and balls!


Coach Kimmie leading a session on Saturday. Rolling out the feet = happier PrimalCon attendees!


Session attendees relaxing a bit between ball rolling sets. Gorgeous skies!!


Gettin’ Trappy with it!! Working out the upper back and shoulder area…


This young man was such a treat to have in sessions. Just a teen, he wanted to attend this year with his parents. High energy, funny ball jokes and here – resting from the side seam/lat work!


Vanessa and her hubby DT brought their baby to PCon this year. He was such a sweetie! Gotta start ’em young! Thanks for posing, Vanessa!


Darryl prepping a group for Primal Play!


Darryl showing off his capabilities 🙂


Carrie Sisson (Mark’s wife) and Karen led meditation groups each morning. Plus, they were presenting and sharing information on “What’s Blocking Your Success?” They were very popular and great teammates for the Survivor Challenge on Saturday morning!!


That’s me in the center 🙂 This is after Primal Playout (instead of WORKout) with Darryl. FUN FUN FUN!


Carla and Emma “holding” Darryl! Looks a little uneven in the workload to me!!


Cyndie and her hubby Justin attended for the first time this year. Cyndie will be graduating from IIN soon and helping people along their nutrition journeys. Thanks for the pose!!


Timothy (UrbanPrimalist on Instagram) and his Sledgehammer group! Crazy, yelling, strength and primal-based movements. Everyone looked like they were having a fabulous time!!


Morning walk from the hotel to the park.



It might get controversial up in here!! ~Coach Kimmie

Aye aye aye!! You’re right. There are so many options out there about ‘how to eat’.

Paleo, Primal, Low Carb/High Fat, just Low Carb, Gluten-free, Ketogenic diet, Intermittent Fasting, Vegetarian, Vegan, Atkins, Dukan, and if you look at this link to Wikipedia, you’ll see so many more that I had NO IDEA about…



So here’s the thing. Thankfully, I don’t have any disease, diagnosis or glaring health problem that DEMANDS I eat a certain way.        Like I said, thankfully. Otherwise, I’m positive I’d be overly diligent in my nutritional choices. Or, if I really wanted to lean myself down and drop some serious fat, I’d make different choices.

******You’re currently entering a no-judgment zone!!*****

But…Coach Kimmie likes to eat. And drink. And fortunately or unfortunately, relates some of these things to a certain level of comfort and happiness…. 

See pic below for my “happy face”…

Image So, does that tell you anything more about my habits? Maybe not.

Here you go. Since Dawn has Celiac disease + a dairy intolerance and does 99.9% of our cooking at home, we are definitely a gluten, grain, legume, dairy-free household (goat cheese is ok for Dawn). We also leave refined sugars alone. Does this mean I NEVER eat gluten or grains or beans or swiss cheese or gummy bears? No. Does this mean I feel AMAZING when I eat those things? Also no.       I certainly have some type of “symptom” post-gluten/grain/cheese/legume/corn/sugar consumption. Why? Maybe because I eat it on such a limited basis. Maybe because I have a little intolerance. Does it matter? A symptom is a symptom is a…you get the idea.

Since being diagnosed, Dawn has found so many tasty & creative ways to make our foods more interesting. Crockpots with fun flavorful seasonings, baked and roasted veggies in yummy stuff and varieties of the same items just cooked differently.  She understands how I need different flavors and different food choices. She could (I think) eat the same stuff on a daily basis over and over.  I do not manage well with that plan!  And yes, on occasion when we go out to a restaurant, I will have the bread or the chips or the whatever. I try to be very thoughtful and order something I know she’d NEVER eat. Two of her faves are the dark brown bread at Cheesecake Factory or a warm, fat salted pretzel.  These are things she still “misses” but we have found replacements. Sage Bistro in Culver City has a really tasty gluten-free warm pretzel on their menu. Rising Hearts Bakery has gluten and dairy free pumpernickel loaf. Sinners and Saints Bakery has a plethora of sweet treats that are gluten free and some even Paleo! Check out their web links below….

Ultimately, we are in charge of ourselves. If I choose to eat some of the not-so-great-stuff, I’ll have to pay some type of a price.       Gain weight, suffer from gastrointestinal symptoms, feel poofy, decrease my athletic performance or just feel guilty. If I can’t pronounce an ingredient or don’t know what it is, I LIKELY shouldn’t and probably won’t eat it.  I make thoughtful choices instead of spur-of-the-moment choices. Perfection is not something I strive for in ANY aspect of my life. I strive for health & fitness. I strive for feeling good about myself daily. I strive to be a good person, teacher, instructor, wife, friend and parent (to Rocksie, Jackson, and Abbey…the 4-leggeds!) And I firmly believe my food choices should not dictate the status of ANY of these (MOST IMPORTANT TO ME) things.

Let’s eat real, whole, good-tasting foods and enjoy them…and not “subscribe” to anything.

What do YOU think???