Anything… Everything

By: Dr Dawn DPT

How we sit, stand, walk, run, squat, carry, lift, push/press, sleep, and anything else we do on a repetitive basis affects our body composition and tissue health. Tissues here include bones, muscles, fascia, nerves, blood vessels… you get the picture! Our movements and positions either honor our biomechanical systems or they don’t. That is why it is sooooo important to practice “right” movement strategies throughout the day, not just while you are working out or doing your home rehab progam.

Anyone who comes into Kinesis for rehab, prehab, athletic conditioning, and/or core work hears this over and over again. But I believe one can never hear this too much. We all need movement corrections, even myself and Coach Kimmie! The goal is to spend more time in right movement patterns so our bodies can weather the times we revert to poor movement choices. No one is perfect! Spend time practicing… building myelin for future injury resistance.

In the meantime, enjoy the following video from one of my mentors Kelly Starrett. If you know Coach Kimmie and I personally, this video will ring true and sound verrrryyyy familiar!!!


Hell on Heels!

By: Dr Dawn DPT

Are you a slave to fashion? A real fashionista? Can’t give up your Choos? And yes, wedges are still heels!

Fashion Heels

Fashion Heels

wedgeshoeThere is a growing body of evidence, not to mention your own body you have probably been trying to ignore, that wearing heeled shoes is detrimental to your posture and biomechanics. The soft tissue imbalances created from faulty posture and biomechanics when the heel is in a raised position frequently lead to musculoskeletal pain. The World Health Organization (WHO) states “these debilitating conditions are painful for the individual, lead to the inability to work and to enjoy life fully, and are a cost to societies and countries.” According to WHO, millions of people are affected globally by musculoskeletal diseases/injuries.

Everything matters because everything is connected! What do you think happens to your knees when your heels are lifted throwing your delicate balance with gravity in a tail spin? And then your hips? Your spine? Your shoulders? Your head? Compensatory changes occur all the way up the chain to your brain.

highheelxray copy

So why do so many women (and some men) continue to punish their feet, knees, hips, backs, necks? Why haven’t more women just said NO! and demand a fashionable flat? We have to demand it and they will supply it! Right?!? Here’s hoping your heels find their way to the dumpster while you’re in search of an answer to your nagging body aches and pains. Throw on a pair of nice flats on your way out the door!

Fascianistas unite! Fashionistas watch out!!

Feeling Fuzzy?

By: Dr Dawn

Do you ever wonder what happens inside your tissues when you stop moving? For a day because you’re sick, for a week because you’re too busy with work, for a month because you’re injured, for a year or more because you have a chronic health condition? Don’t you feel stiff, sore, or tight when you don’t move your body regularly? Many wake up feeling this way just from not moving during sleep! There are multiple reasons and/or excuses people have for not moving regularly – it hurts, I’m tired, too busy, have an injury, etc. But NOT moving in some way – stretching, walking, massage, self myofascial release with Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls, etc – is damaging to your entire neurobiological system.

We are connected from our heads to our toes by a continuous webbed framework of fascia that thrives on movement. Our tissues were constructed to slide and glide one upon the other. Motion is lotion! When there is loss of movement, the system puts into effect minor chain reactions that eventually lead to major body break downs if left unchecked. Gil Hedley, anatomist extraordinaire, describes it best in his now infamous Fuzz Speech. Please be warned, there are cadaver images in the following video. Do not watch it if you have issues with cadaver visuals. But you can definitely still gain knowledge from just listening to the video! Gil speaks rather eloquently on the topic.

After viewing… get up get moving!!

Healthcare “Accountability” vs “Affordability” Act

By: Dr Dawn

Let’s face it… healthcare is expensive! Not only are insurance premiums continually increasing, the cost of medications, office visits, hospital stays, etc are astromonical! Over 40 million Americans can not even afford basic healthcare when they need it.

But I submit to you a different healhcare paradigm… one that demands accountability to your human machine. It does not require pricy insurance premiums, pharmaceudicals, or a multitude of office visits to the healcare provider of your choice. It does demand daily care and maintenance of your body.


Learn and practice proper postural alignment and movement every day… practice makes permanent! Years of overuse, misuse, disuse, and abuse of our postural hard and soft tissues is the leading cause of shoulder, knee, back and neck pain.

Sitting Posture Skeletons

Move your human machine every day! Our bodies are made to move. Movement is to humans as oil is to machinery. Move it or lose it!


Use some form of self-myofascial release work to regulate tension and tune up imbalances in the soft tissues. Restore and maintain normal slide and glide. Dedicate 10-15 minutes daily. Do what you can in that time and work out other areas on other days.


Eat whole, unpackaged foods as much as possible and organic when available. Packaged foods contain many unknown additives, hidden sugars and other inflammatory agents including gluten. Learn to cook and put premium fuel in your tank!


Decrease bodily inflammation through food choices. Sugar and gluten are two of the worst instigators of inflammation.  Get rid of them! Learn to cook and put premium fuel in your tank!

Let’s hold each other accountable and educate our friends by posting self-care pictures daily. You can post your meal, self-myofascial release session, your body in motion, etc. Have fun with it!! Post them on your facebook wall, instagram, pinterest, twitter, wherever!

Take back your body! Take control of your health! Join the Food and Movement as Medicine Revolution!

Coach Kimmie’s got a problem…

by: Coach Kimmie

BEWARE: uncomfortable moments, serious truths, confessions, and bad words…                  It is so hard to admit this and put myself out there this way. I’m taking a huge chance that you’ll still respect and like me.  And this was written last week.

Wednesday April 3rd, 2013the heaviest, sickest, most self-disgusted & addicted feeling day of my life…

And it’s all because of food.  I love it and I hate it.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been dealing somehow with my weight. As early as age 5 or 6, I remember being the fat kid and feeling very uncomfortable in my clothes. Belly rolls peeking over the top of my “husky” jeans, sausage-y arms squeezed into hand-me-down tops from my skinny older stepsister, and wearing a t-shirt over my bathing suit at any time – these were just part of my daily discomfort.

My dad and I were pretty poor when he and my mom divorced. I was already chubbier than I should be at that time, but I’m pretty sure his sadness and guilt helped to feed me more than I should have been eating.  Living in the south didn’t help; everything was fried, dipped, rolled, sweetened, or just too big of a serving!

When my dad remarried and we moved into my stepmother’s home, everything changed. At age 8, I became an employee in our home business, food was on a rationed basis, and I had to learn how to be sneaky if I didn’t want to get unbearably hungry. Thus began my “secret eating” habits and unfortunately they’ve stayed with me.

Over the years, I’ve had stages of skinny, exercising daily, healthy, overweight, zero exercise, just plain fat, and super fit. I’ve taken diet pills, fasted, cleansed, juiced, and followed plan after plan. As an adult, I’ve weighed everywhere between 130 and 185. I’m only 36 years old so that’s a huge fluctuation in 18 years. And I still ended up here.

Today, I feel like I’ve finally overdosed on the bad stuff. I’ve been able to keep this addiction fairly under control most of my life.  But today, I’m ready to pump my stomach, spend time in rehab, and get myself clean!


No joke, it’s time to do something about it.  I’m having a blood test tomorrow to rule out Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I’ve been eating more gluten and sugar in the last several days than usual so the test shows a true yes or no status. Yesterday afternoon, I felt unusually tired, my joints ached, even my skin hurt, and I had a generally crappy feel – sort of like I had a flu coming on. But no fever.  This is not the first time I’ve had these symptoms, mind you.  But NEVER have I woken in the middle of the night with such SEVERE upper abdominal cramping, sweating, and pain!! I believe that because I had a few weeks of fairly clean eating and being aware of my food intake that now my body is saying F**K YOU for the cupcakes, bread, and other crap you’ve been putting in me!  The symptoms lasted through the middle of today (approximately 30 hours) and although I feel a little better, I know I’m not “right”.

The last 3 ½ – 4 years have been super hard on me – physically, emotionally, mentally.  Most of you know I lost my mom in 2009 and I’ve had a really hard time with that loss. I immediately threw myself back into work and never took the time to grieve her death. I lost my motivation to exercise regularly, made some poor nutrition decisions, took my wife/relationship for granted and basically started living way too superficially. The end result?



Unhappy with myself.

So yes, I am ready for change.

I’m ready to be rid of these horrible feelings of guilt and fraudulent behavior.

I want to feel & look better.

I want to be healthier.

I want to be a better person, spouse, friend, and trainer.

I want to banish my addiction…once and for all.

And I will…


Health Insurance Misnomer

By: Dr Dawn DPT

Health insurance in this country should more appropriately be labeled sick care insurance. It is utilized when dis-ease sets in due to lack of attention towards prevention (not usually covered by current insurance plans). And because this so-called health insurance is so costly, many refuse or simply can not afford to address their health in a preventative fashion using food and movement as medicine.

What if we treated our bodies as we treat our cars? Wouldn’t that be awesome!!

We purchase car insurance to guard against the catastrophe of an accident. We then lovingly care for our cars with proper fuel, regular maintenance, washing and waxing, etc. All of this care helps to keep the car running smoothly and preserve the resell value.  So… maybe we should consider purchasing insurance to guard against the catastrophe of sickness – sick care insurance. And then take the money we save on astronomical insurance premiums and lovingly care for ourselves with good nutrition, some regular form of movement, bodywork, physical therapy, acupuncture, meditation, psychotherapy, etc.

healthy fruits and vegetables


Wheel of Health

We would all be a lot healthier and happier and probably wealthier with this shift in perspective.

Vineman 70.3 Race Report

By: Dr. Dawn McCrory, PT, DPT

I survived!! I am not completely happy with my race results but I am mostly happy!! I missed my goal time by 23 minutes, but I gained some good information.

Here is how it all went down:

Swim – 40 minutes  – right on target for my goal

Beautiful swim in the Russian River… until I was overrun by a bunch of elbow throwing wild kicking men in red caps! One guy actually swam right over top of me! I did my best to give right back – yanked on the leg of the guy crawling over me hehehe! I had a lovely but short conversation with a woman in my age group as we were treading water waiting for our heat to start. Unfortunately, she had a cardiac arrest during the swim. They revived her on shore and rushed her to the hospital where she passed the next day. You never know when your time is up… Enjoy every moment of every day… There is always always always something to be thankful for! She left this world happy to be participating in her chosen sport!

T1 – 7 minutes – missed my goal by 3 minutes!!

You may ask “what were you doing for 7 minutes?!?” Well, I was packing and repacking my T1 bag so it would be neatly tied for the volunteers who were going to transport it to T2. Yes, this was my first point to point race and I was having issues!

Bike – 3 hours 22 minutes – missed my goal by 7 minutes

The bike course was absolutely gorgeous… but hillier than I expected. Everyone talks about Chalk Hill. By the time I got to Chalk Hill it really didn’t seem like much compared to the rest of the course. And the hills were not big climbs, just a fairly constant incline, slight decline, incline. For all the uphill I feel I did, there was no real pay off for me – the awesome descent!! The scenery made up for it though – miles of vineyards along country roads. I probably could have hit my goal time but I was concerned about my well worn bike chain breaking so didn’t push it too hard.

T2 – 7 minutes 52 seconds – definitely missed my goal time by nearly 6 minutes!!

I really thought I was faster than that. I guess the line at the port-a-potty took longer than I realized. Someday I will learn to be ok with peeing on the bike… maybe.

Run – 2 hours 25 minutes – missed my goal time by 15 minutes

The run was really stunning, especially the couple of miles along the dirt path surrounding the vineyards at La Crema Winery. It was a hilly little course but I had a strategy in place – power walk every hill then resume running. I also quickly walked through each aid station. That gave me time to collect ice for my bra and hat… it was warmish on the run but definitely doable. My usual cramps started about mid way through the run although very light and manageable until about mile 9-10. I walked a good deal when the calf cramping prevented me from running. Calf cramping is a real problem for me on long runs. I have been working on resolving the issue but have not been completely successful to date although it’s improving somewhat. I really need to get this issue under control before Ironman New Zealand! I have added fat to my diet and take calcium and magnesium as well as salt on my long rides and runs. Anyone have any other suggestions? Maybe I just need to use more of the above. I am open to trying anything at this point! Thankfully, I felt really good the last mile and was able to run strong across the finish line! Maybe it was knowing I had a friend waiting with some bubbly in a cooler!!

Overall, Vineman 70.3 was an amazing experience and the course was fun and scenic! I would definitely do this race again! It also gave me some food for thought and issues to work on in preparation for IM training and execution.

Next race – Malibu Olympic Distance September 15, 2012.  Time to reduce the mileage a little and pick up the pace!!