PAIN…What is it good for?!?!

Absolutely EVERYTHING!! That’s what!

Since this past Saturday, I’ve been in what I consider the most amount of TRUE physical pain that I’ve felt in a really long time. Not muscle soreness, not struggle from a workout discomfort — PAIN. And it’s made me really stop and think. It’s “perspective-ized” me a bit. For 20 years, I’ve been working with people who are invariably fighting some type of injury-induced, chronic or otherwise – PAIN. The “thought” of pain has been in my sphere for many years. I’ve been very fortunate to not actually have had any major injuries as an adult so it’s been just that — a thought, a thing I’ve been privy to because of sharing the journeys with my clients. So here’s what I’ve learned about the Big P over the last several days…

As one of my favorites, Dr. Perry from says….10885441_10153437040458012_7730494283242039925_n

This statement above is SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL to me today than at any other time I’ve read it or thought about it. Pain is also an indicator. The events that lead up to the ONE BIG THING can be numerous in nature.  I was just going along la-di-da and BAM!! There it was…PAIN. The movement I did that brought out the pain was one that I do EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. MULTIPLE. TIMES so it shouldn’t have been problematic. However, this one time, it didn’t work like before. I stood up and thought “Hmmm. That feels a little weird. It’ll work itself out, I’m sure.” That was 5 days ago. I’m positive a lot of you have thought that same thing…


I’m sure you’re thinking “But you workout and you use your therapy balls and you have body awareness. HOW could you still get hurt from a movement your body is used to?”


I asked myself the same thing and it led me to think about the days prior to the injury… Wednesday and Thursday I was basically couch and bed-ridden fighting off some type of cold/flu/crud. I slept somewhere in the realm of 35 hours over 2 days.  So, that means I was curled up in a variety of random positions and not really moving around very much at all. I was also likely dehydrated.  Friday I came back to work and kept my energetic output very light and rested as I could. Saturday, I felt about 80% back to normal and was simply setting up for class when IT HAPPENED. Those 3 days prior to the injury were so important. My usual day is one with LOTS of movement: walking, squatting, pulling, pushing, etc so having a few days with MUCH LESS activity actually set me up for a problem…

Walking, sitting, standing, driving, toilet-ing, going upstairs, ANY movement — perpetuated the pain. Lifting my leg in any direction, bending forward at my waist – NOTHING was comfortable. I felt so defeated. I felt so scared. I felt so vulnerable. I felt so “not Kim”.  So, driving back to work midday Monday, I cried. Out of fear, out of pain, out of a deep down insecurity. All these crazy thoughts: “What if it’s something really wrong? What if I can’t work? What if it’s more than a muscle thing?” My mind went to the darkest spaces because I was scared…

Then I realized I was also crying for my clients. Those who LIVE DAILY with some type of constant, nagging, exhausting discomfort in their bodies.  And that part of the cry? Well, that made me stop and think “Kim, your discomfort is mild compared to some of the PAINS you’ve seen in your clients. You have Dawn and all the tools necessary to make yourself well. This is a blip on the screen. You will be fine.”


So despite not feeling less physical pain after my little pity party, my MIND felt exponentially better. My perspective shifted. My approach to the problem rearranged itself in that moment. I was fortunate enough to have the ever-smart and super-talented Dawn work on me (her skills are amazing!!). Then, thanks to my friend Jenn, I slept really well 2 nights in a row. I have created, in my mind, a healthy hip.e5e9f37a77a3cf7763e3c324776b6de4

And today, I feel about 50% better than yesterday.

So that means I’m on my way to 100%…with a different perspective on my body and my movements!



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