My take on “Tiger Blood” + Exercising while Whole30-ing…

So there’s this thing that the Whole30 ( book, followers, creators, etc talk about.   The elusive…TIGER BLOOD. Here’s Whole30’s “definition” of it.


I wanted to roll this idea into my thoughts on exercising while going through a Whole30 as well. And here’s a little thread from the Whole30 for Athletes section forum. Does Exercise + Whole30 = MORE weight loss?

As you well know, I’m going to stick my 2-cents’ worth in here. This is my 3rd Whole30 and I’ve exercised my way through all of them semi-regularly. However, this is the FIRST Whole30 that I’ve been more focused on my weight training than on my cardio.  (this in itself is a whole other blogpost!!) And a couple of Sundays ago, I posted a video saying how it’s important to MOVE more regularly during these 30 days to help your body rid itself of pent up energy, frustration, etc, especially if you’ve not been moving at all or very little.  BUT, just like with our food choices, we have to be SMART in our exercise/movement/fitness choices.

If you haven’t been exercising for the last 6 months before starting Whole30, you should NOT try to exercise 5-6 days per week. Right?  You should start small; walking 15-30 minutes 3, 4,5 times a week for enjoyment or some type of low intensity exercise that makes you HAPPY.  If you LOVE yoga, do yoga. If you LOVE spinning, spin but don’t completely wear yourself out. If you LOVE to lift heavy weights 🙂 lift but be thoughtful. If you LOVE to whatever, DO it but do it because it makes you feel AWESOME!


If you have been exercising regularly for the last 6 months or so, then you can expect the first week or so to be a little less vigorous or lengthy and then in weeks 2.5-3 you could possibly see yourself feeling like you’re getting back into a groove. Weeks 3-4 may feel like someone’s lit a fire under you and your body says “Woohoo! Let’s do this!!”

Or…maybe not.  That’s the thing, y’all. WE. ARE. ALL. SO. DIFFERENT.                          Be patient with yourself. Be nice to yourself while you’re acclimating to eating/cooking/prepping/shopping/thinking differently.


Please, don’t quit. Don’t stop this forward momentum. You deserve this 30 days. No one else can give it to you but YOU.

So, as we embark on the next couple of weeks, PLEASE reach out when you need help. Ask questions (there are NO stupid questions!) Share more. Give yourself a pat on the back more often.  And know that this really hard thing you’re doing…it’s pretty amazing!! See you soon…

~Coach Kimmie



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