By: Dr Dawn DPT

succesfrom within

It’s in the air and it’s not by accident! As they say, good things come to those who work their asses off. Even over night sensations have back stories of hard work no matter how easy it appears when looking in from the outside.

Whether you mark your success by opening a business, making a certain amount of money, getting recognized as a top performer in your craft, improving your performance, or returning to activity/sport after injury; there are basic components that when present almost guarantee a positive outcome. And the common ground with these basic components is that they are internally vs externally driven.

So what are these basic components you ask?

THE 3 Ps:

1. PASSION – without passion, the process will feel like a slog fest! You must have passion for the business, your craft, your sport, etc or the process will weigh you down so heavy that the burden becomes unbearable at some point. Passion keeps you moving along the process trail even when the obstacles appear insurmountable.

makeyourpassion happen


2. PERSISTENCE – no matter the perceived barriers, persistence must prevail. There are many roads to success. In fact it’s the various roads or processes you travel that help create the success for which you are searching. When one door closes, another opens and exercising your persistence muscle will allow you to capitalize on the new road map before you instead of giving up.

3. POSITIVITY – a truly deep-down-in-your-DNA positive attitude will get you everything, even what appears to be most elusive and out of reach. You know it is yours…you own it…you dream it, see it, feel it, taste it, and manifest it. The only option is success!stay positive

yesyoucanSome days are better than others and that’s okay. It’s the process of passion, persistence, and positivity that keep you on track. And you may have multiple tracks you are exploring, creating success in a variety of life arenas. I am working on a fairly new business (starting our 3rd year), honing my craft (physical therapy and it’s never ending!), and recovering from a year and a half long knee injury. Utilizing the 3 Ps to hone my craft is easy. All the components are effortless and life long learning and growing in my chosen field keeps me fresh! I am learning to love the 3 Ps as applied to my business – it’s an acquired taste for someone who has never really had an interest in owning the show. Embracing the process of healing an injury with passion, persistence, and positivity has given me back my running! Yes it has taken 1 1/2 years but that’s the nature of healing through self-care vs a scalpel.


So how are you incorporating the 3 Ps into your life?


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