I know it seems cliche to write a blog about being thankful so close to “the day”… But I woke up this morning thinking I really needed to get these things put down on paper and out into the world.

Of course I’m thankful for all of my “apparents”: health, wife, loving pets, wonderful friends, a great job, family, food, our home.        And please don’t think I’m giving any of these things any less importance than what I’m writing about below.

But, I’m also very thankful for the “not so apparents” like my sometimes-rough childhood. Yes, my 1st stepmother gave me & my father a house to live in but she also gave me a few breaks and bruises over the 10 years I lived with her. But growing up in this environment also gave me a killer work ethic, made me excel & LOVE school (acceptance, happy time), taught me self-restraint in some areas, taught me self-defense in other areas, taught me how to protect others to the best of my ability and taught me exactly how I DIDN’T want to be as an adult.

Another “not so apparent” I’m grateful for is my 2nd stepmother. What a strong and amazing woman who took on a broken man when she connected with my father. They have since gotten divorced (I told you, he was broken) but she remains a strong part of my life.  This woman also proved to be an unexpected beautiful friend to my mother during her fight and loss to cancer (I love you Linda A. and I miss you Mom …)


My military experience is another chapter of my life that could be looked at as a “not so apparent”.  When I joined the US Army, I was SO EXCITED to join this elite group of men and women who were in to make a difference.  I was excited about bootcamp, I was excited to join the ranks and move up and I was excited to find a place where I felt part of an exceptional group of humans. I was the oldest female in my platoon (at 23!) and was immediately put in charge of our living space and was given 2nd platoon leader by the end of week 1 of bootcamp. I was proud. I was getting my ass kicked 23 hours a day but I was happy and I was excelling.  We were all the same in the eyes of our superiors until we did something to stand out – good or bad. I. LOVED. IT.  Until I got to my duty station in New York. Let’s go with long story made short here, ok? The US Army I interacted with there wasn’t what it was supposed to be. I’ll spare you the details (let’s have a drink sometime) but within a year I was cycling out with an honorable discharge… As bad as that part of the experience was, the rest made up for it. And that part of my life, yes, I’d do it all over again because it made me SO much stronger than I was previously.

So the moral today?  Remember where & what you came from. Remind yourself that the cruddy times likely made a good difference in your life after the fact.  Be aware that the rough patches will give way to sunnier days.  Be somewhat grateful for the hard times.  And if you’re in a bad spot right now, trust that it will give way to better opportunities…

Gratitude from me to you for reading this and remember, we’re all in this together!!  ~Coach Kimmie


The key to happiness is finding something… every day… to be thankful for. No matter the circumstance, no matter any feelings to the contrary, there is always always always something to be thankful for. Exercise your gratitude muscle as often as you like but at least once daily. If you find yourself immersed in a quagmire of troubles, my Rx is to take a 1 minute gratitude break every 20-30 minutes of worry.prayer

And I am very thankful for every moment in my life that has led me to here. Every second of good, bad, beautiful, and ugly have all played their part in assisting my arrival to this moment of gratitude.

I am so very rich with love, friendship, and rewarding work. My only prayer is that I can give back as much as I get from these rich experiences.


Love and prayers of gratefulness… ~ Dr Dawn


6 thoughts on “ThanksLIVING…

  1. Yes, my darling daughter, your father was and is broken. However, he did one totally amazing thing in his life — he gave the world YOU. It doesn’t matter that you did not come from my body, you hold my heart. Your mother taught me everything I knew about fighting the monster, and it was my honor to call her my friend. You are an amazing woman Kim Smith and you have accomplished great things because you have such drive and heart. Those qualities you got from Betty, and I see her in you. Being part of your life is one of my greatest joys.

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