So what is with all this thigh-size stuff??

Thigh gap. Tree trunks. Thunder thighs. Chicken legs. WTF??

Our THIGHS are part of our legs. Our legs are on our body to carry us around. Often, they are very useful to get us safely into chairs, on the floor, off the loo and get us back UP off all those things. They carry us up and down hills, from parking space to destination, to our best friend’s doorstep. Why shouldn’t they be substantial?  Or at least ABLE to do their job?  I don’t care if thighs are thin, bulky, chubby or average…as long as they do the JOB they were built to do!


(thank you for the above image…

HOWEVER…I don’t think you should focus on the thigh gap AT ALL!!! Maybe focus on strenghtening your quads & glutes to protect your knees?  Maybe focus on your hip/pelvis/spine stability so you can move properly? Maybe just focus on feeling strong, feeling solid, feeling badass and feeling capable??

If your thighs are muscular, thin, toned, small, medium, huge, scarred, have stretch marks or are just plain great — good for you!

If your thighs do their jobs — good for you! Size 2 or size 20 — who cares? DO your THIGHS DO THEIR JOB easily??

Focus on how parts of your body do their respective duties.  Ultimately, it’s about feeling confident in your body’s capability to do its jobs. Once we get past the “suggested” thigh (or any other part!) size, then we have made progress…



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