“Why is food SO HARD??!!” ~Coach Kimmie

Why is food SO HARD???  And my 2nd Whole30 attempt…

If you’ll recall, I wrote a blog several months back admitting a serious sugar & poor food choice problem.  Possibly even an addiction.  Whatever you call it, it ain’t pretty!  I tried this Whole30 thing before a few months back…and only made it 15 days.  Food is the single most challenging aspect of my health and wellness life.

I’ve been asking myself lately why this is the case.

I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that I grew up pretty poor and in the southern portion of the United States.  However, I’m tired of that being my “reason” or excuse.

I always said I would just exercise and eat whatever I wanted until I was 40.  That’s not workin’ so well!  I also liked to tell myself that I didn’t have a “problem” or a “disease” that forced me to eat healthfully so it didn’t matter what I ate provided I could continue to do my job and fit in my clothes. Again, that’s not workin’ so well… My body definitely has a negative response to gluten, grains and any “overdoses” of refined sugars.  So… I’m now an adult and the choices I make are my own; never dependent on any other human being or soul.  Therefore, all of my non-healthful past and future nutrition decisions are on me.

THERE. I finally said it.  It’s on me and I have the power either way…

Wow. I feel better already. (not really…) 


When will I REALLY feel better about food and my “relationship” with it? I have no idea.  6 months? 2 years?  Who knows. But what I absolutely know is that my body and my choices are in my hands…literally — on my fork, my spoon, my plate, in my cup and most importantly, in my wallet!

So, this October 7 – Nov 7, I plan to do my best, work my hardest and impress MYSELF.  (and I hope to drop a few pounds in the process. BUT, if I don’t, I’m not going to beat myself up!!)


So I’m sure you’re totally dying to hear what happened, right??  Ok…

The end of Whole30!!I should be jumping up and down, getting all excited for the sugar/alcohol/dairy/potato chips I’ve given up for the last 30 days right??


But I’m not. I’m not thinking about what I’ll eat or drink that’s been OFF LIMITS for the last month. Part of me thinks I’m just a little weirded out because I should be DYING for a drink or a sugar fix. Part of me thinks it just hasn’t hit me yet. I kinda feel like I need to go a few more days and just make sure I’m “rehabbed” from my bad stuff. The Whole30 book, It Starts With Food, has a GREAT reintroduction section that explains how you should slowly reintroduce foods IF YOU WANT. Just because you’re past the 30 days doesn’t mean you HAVE to add back in the things you took away. The thing is — you can if you want and if you feel those foods are going to serve you well.

I’ve done so many various “diets”, “detoxes”, “try this, try that” things over the years. I even attempted a Whole30 earlier this year and fell off on Day15. Intellectually, I know that I should make better nutritional choices. Physically, I can feel the effects of poor food or drink choices. And spiritually, these choices drain me and make me feel less than optimal as a human, and even worse as a fitness professional. I got tired of feeling this way…

My idea of the Whole30 program’s entire premise is to change how you view what’s on your plate and how it affects your life. It’s not about restricting & rearranging yourself for 30 days and then going back to exactly what you were doing before. That would make zero sense!!
It’s also not only about losing weight, feeling deprived or feeling bad about the choices you’ve previously made.

During this month, I’ve had 3 weeks of horrible sinus and allergy issues that have limited my capacity to exercise as I would normally like.
So, I’ve lost approximately 10 pounds pretty much ONLY through food choices! What??? Absolutely. I’ve had walks that have been very low intensity and no more than 30 minutes each. My job is very movement-based so 3-5 days per week, I was showing a lot of exercises but not actually performing a formal bout of movement.

Losing weight might be a perk of the program, there are TONS of varieties of foods we can eat on the program and you should be extremely PROUD of yourself at the end of the Whole30…

And I am…proud of me, that is… 

Quote from Whole30 site…

“The Whole30 program (when followed as directed) is a great tool to get people motivated and on track. Its focus is real, whole, high quality foods. This is not some fad diet that cuts calories to a ridiculous level and prescribes pills and powders – there is nothing for sale but health. If done correctly it is safe, effective and sustainable, and includes nothing outlandish, expensive or hazardous – just the basic tenets of good nutrition and health.”

Amy Kubal, MS, RD, LN Fuel as Rx, Sioux Falls, SD


One thought on ““Why is food SO HARD??!!” ~Coach Kimmie

  1. Thanks for sharing your story, your struggles AND your success Kimmie! Your long term health definitely depends on nutrition positive food choices. As a Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach I can tell you that our relationship w food is highly complex! I applaud your openness and your determination to get your dietary health up to speed. I’d be happy to help you if you’d like a team mate on the next leg of maintenance and healthy habit building….

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