Hell on Heels!

By: Dr Dawn DPT

Are you a slave to fashion? A real fashionista? Can’t give up your Choos? And yes, wedges are still heels!

Fashion Heels

Fashion Heels

wedgeshoeThere is a growing body of evidence, not to mention your own body you have probably been trying to ignore, that wearing heeled shoes is detrimental to your posture and biomechanics. The soft tissue imbalances created from faulty posture and biomechanics when the heel is in a raised position frequently lead to musculoskeletal pain. The World Health Organization (WHO) states “these debilitating conditions are painful for the individual, lead to the inability to work and to enjoy life fully, and are a cost to societies and countries.” According to WHO, millions of people are affected globally by musculoskeletal diseases/injuries.

Everything matters because everything is connected! What do you think happens to your knees when your heels are lifted throwing your delicate balance with gravity in a tail spin? And then your hips? Your spine? Your shoulders? Your head? Compensatory changes occur all the way up the chain to your brain.

highheelxray copy

So why do so many women (and some men) continue to punish their feet, knees, hips, backs, necks? Why haven’t more women just said NO! and demand a fashionable flat? We have to demand it and they will supply it! Right?!? Here’s hoping your heels find their way to the dumpster while you’re in search of an answer to your nagging body aches and pains. Throw on a pair of nice flats on your way out the door!

Fascianistas unite! Fashionistas watch out!!


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