By: Dr Dawn DPT™

Your posture follows you like a shadow wherever you go… Stand up for yourself… Stand with integrity… Sitting is the new smoking… Death by sitting… Take standing breaks…

There is lots of posturing going on lately… thank goodness!!! We are finally talking about the elephant in the room, the problem at the core of many injuries. Basically, posture is as posture does. In other words, it’s the posture you practice ALL DAY LONG that makes a real difference in your default posture… your go-to stance, sit, and exercise position when no one is looking, not even you!

Here are some examples of good and bad standing, sitting, and exercise postures. Which side of the fence does your posture fall… um…er… stand?


Side view of standing posture: Align your hips over ankles, rib cage over hip cage, shoulders overs hips, and ears over shoulders.


Front view: Stand evenly on both feet with your feet facing forward and parallel with each other approximately front hip bone (ASIS) distance apart.


Here’s a great benchmark test: Wall standing… where do you stand?

And now for your sitting (dis)pleasure: Are you more likely to find yourself looking like the left (poor) side or right side?

badgooddeskpostureEver been in this position waiting for someone or something?


And what about your posture as you go about your daily activities:

cookingposture Does this look like good posture to you?

standingatpoolpostureOr this?


Practice makes permenance. If you practice poor posture throughout your day, that is your default positioning no matter how many times you do a “posture” exercise. We MUST continually remind ourselves to remind ourselves about our posture ALL DAY LONG especially when we’re not exercising!

And don’t forget to remind your kids! They’ll thank you for it later… much much later…