R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Yourself

By: Dr Dawn DPT

How we do anything is how we do everything.

Everything is attached to everything and anything can cause anything.

An hour in the gym x 2-3/week does not offset the hours spent dishonoring your biomechanical structure. As my dear friend and mentor Jill Miller says: Your posture follows you like a shadow wherever you go, whatever you do! Take a good look in the mirror or your reflection in a store window as you walk by. Is your postural shadow creepy or classy?

Bow to the temple of your familiar:

rowinmirrorReveal your body blind spots through frequent introversion of attention during your daily movement rituals. The next time you are working out, focus completely on form detail vs your friend’s run down of last night’s or today’s or the weekend’s festivities!

Examine your body’s posture and movement strategies. A mirror is quite helpful but seeing and feeling from the inside through proprioceptive awareness is just as important.didyouworkhard

Self-explore your tissues with regular use of myofascial release tools. My favorite tools are Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls!



Posturize yourself! Stand on your 2 feet equally, feet under lungs and parallel to each other, rib cage over hip cage, head over shoulders. Lift your cell phone to eye level vs stooping your head and neck to your lap!

Excel at being a good posture example in your world.

Cultivate conscious breath control during times of added stress whether it be physical or emotional.


Thank yourself for showing up to life and fully focusing and refining your unique movement patterns.

And no, no one else can do it for you Homer! justdoithomersimpson


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