Feeling Fuzzy?

By: Dr Dawn

Do you ever wonder what happens inside your tissues when you stop moving? For a day because you’re sick, for a week because you’re too busy with work, for a month because you’re injured, for a year or more because you have a chronic health condition? Don’t you feel stiff, sore, or tight when you don’t move your body regularly? Many wake up feeling this way just from not moving during sleep! There are multiple reasons and/or excuses people have for not moving regularly – it hurts, I’m tired, too busy, have an injury, etc. But NOT moving in some way – stretching, walking, massage, self myofascial release with Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls, etc – is damaging to your entire neurobiological system.

We are connected from our heads to our toes by a continuous webbed framework of fascia that thrives on movement. Our tissues were constructed to slide and glide one upon the other. Motion is lotion! When there is loss of movement, the system puts into effect minor chain reactions that eventually lead to major body break downs if left unchecked. Gil Hedley, anatomist extraordinaire, describes it best in his now infamous Fuzz Speech. Please be warned, there are cadaver images in the following video. Do not watch it if you have issues with cadaver visuals. But you can definitely still gain knowledge from just listening to the video! Gil speaks rather eloquently on the topic.

After viewing… get up get moving!!


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