Huge Confession And An Anxiety Attack! 5/11/13

By: Coach Kimmie

The last time you heard from me, I was in dire straits and felt like something worse than poop.

April 3, 2013 was the day I decided to make my strongest attempt to clean up my diet and my gut.  I weighed 179 pounds that day… I know, I know — that’s close to 180! And 184 was the heaviest I’ve EVER been in my entire life.


NEVER thought I’d share, but this photo was taken April 3, 2013. My face, neck, & chest areas were all puffy and I felt extremely uncomfortable. This is the culmination of several months of poor diet, stress, and less than optimal exercise habits. Yes, even the Coach can need some coaching…

So since then, LOTS of stuff has changed.  Within the first couple weeks of April, I really addressed my food intake on a grand scale.  I gave the boot to grains, eliminated cheese, dropped sugar like it was hot, and alcohol has been non-existent since that day.  Like I said, I felt worse than poop.

On April 19th, I started the Kinesis 21-Day Detox that our amazing nutritionist/functional medicine specialist Emily Glasser put together.  Along with my previous changes to diet listed above, I was taking supplements to cleanse, repair, rejuvenate, and support my system.  I ate only REAL foods prepared mostly at home, drank as much water as I could handle (not a new thing as I usually drink about 90-100 ounces per day) and had 2-3 Detox protein shakes. There wasn’t any of this bullsh*t about counting calories, measuring foods, or weighing myself daily on the Monster bathroom scale. If my food was lean protein, non-starchy vegetable, fruit, or nut-based, I was good!! I was allowed to exercise as usual or even a little less than usual at a moderate intensity and I listened to guided meditations.  I was allowed to eat as much of the veggies as I wanted and was to limit my newly found substitute “craving” foods (too much fruit, too much nut butter, just too much!) on an as-needed basis.  I also had a great support system (KEY ELEMENT OF SUCCESS). Dawn as well as the other 14 Kinesis clients on the Detox were so supportive!

We had our own Facebook group and we would post photos of our food or tips about cooking and recipes plus all sorts of helpful, encouraging info. Emily was simply fantastic and responded quickly to any email questions or concerns we had. She even organized a mid-way meeting for everyone to chat together and share stories about how they were doing.

All in all, it was a really great experience.

“So, how do you feel after this detox, Coach Kimmie?”

I feel like I have made a REAL change. Finally. Even though I had a stumbling block or 2 along the way this last month, I still feel like I truly came out on top.  I REALLY made some changes to my “food-itude”.

Case in point:

This morning on my way to Kinesis for a rockin’ Saturday (6 working hours with no break!) I stopped at Rainbow Acres to pick up some food for the day. It was 7:36am. I parked, got out of my truck, and the nice man says “we’re not open until 8.”

WTF!!! Immediately, I grabbed my growling stomach and yelled “but I’m hungry!” and promptly hopped back in my truck. Mind you, my first work hour is at 8am.  As I’m driving away, I realize my hands are shaking, my mind is racing like crazy, and my stomach is now HOWLING.  “What am I going to get?” “Where can I get healthy food at this time of day?” “I can’t be late to work!” “I’ll never make it 6 hours!” “I want to make a good food decision.” “Arrgghh!!!” (I really yelled arrgghh in my truck while I was driving…)  I was in the midst of a full-on, swirling-brain, hammering-heart, sweat-drenched anxiety attack. Why? BECAUSE I WANTED TO EAT SOMETHING HEALTHY. I did NOT want to FAIL my body and make a miserable choice for nourishment.   This moment, my friends, is how I KNOW I’ve made a serious change to my habits and to my psyche.   Wow.

This is what I came up with by visiting the Vons on Centinela. Fruit tray, and organic walnuts & blueberries.  I shared with the other kids at Kinesis 🙂


The distance between April 3rd and today (May 11th) is like the distance between Earth and the stars. Oh, and approximately 12 pounds were eliminated.

This was a photo from my most recent grocery shop experience at the Whole Foods in Venice.  I absolutely LOVED spending my early Sunday morning picking out my veggies, talking with the super-friendly attendants at the meat counters, and just taking my time instead of being so hurried and worried.  I got all sorts of fresh veggies, eggs, pre-made kale salad, boatloads of fresh meats, yes – gluten free beer!, coconut water & coconut oil, lemon juice, and there’s a head of cauliflower under there somewhere!!


So yes, I made it through the 21-Day Detox. I lost some weight, I gained a lot of confidence in my capacity to overcome cravings, I learned some lessons (that small piece of cheese and tiny bun on a great burger WILL f*** up your otherwise clean system!), and I’m continuously learning to love my body. Thank you to Emily Glasser, Dawn McCrory, and the stupendously supportive group at Kinesis who shared this journey with me. Let’s travel down this path a lot longer!!


6 thoughts on “Huge Confession And An Anxiety Attack! 5/11/13

  1. So proud of you Coach Kimmie. You are definitely an inspiration. Thank you for sharing. You should have an “after” picture, too!!! Lulu

  2. Well done Kimmie! All I want to see is an after picture showing your brite eyes, glowing skin, and beaming smile 🙂

  3. “I feel like I have made a REAL change. Finally. Even though I had a stumbling block or 2 along the way this last month, I still feel like I truly came out on top. I REALLY made some changes to my “food-itude”.”

    My sentiments exactly!!! YOU should be SO proud of yourself! I know I’m proud of myself. : )

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