Anatomy: A living breathing art and science

By: Dr Dawn DPT

As a physical therapist, I spent 2 years getting intimate with a cadaver. I dissected my cadaver from head to toe with no skin left unreflected, no nerve/vessel/muscle left undiscovered. I actually took an optional advanced dissection course because of my love for anatomy. My professor would regularly state that anatomy was the only science that was finite and static. All the discoveries of the human physical form were already made and I just needed to learn everything he was teaching me. Wow, was he wrong and in a big way!

There have been amazing advances in our knowledge of the human physical form especially in the realm of fascia and functional anatomy (versus textbook anatomy). It is almost mind-blowing!! It saddens me to think of all the fascia I carelessly slashed through and brushed aside just to get at the underlying lusciously desired tissues of muscles, vessles, nerves, and organs.

I recently spent a 3 day weekend getting reacquainted with anatomy through fresh eyes. It was liking reuniting with an old friend and finding we both had changed… for the better! I have been having a secret love affair with fascia for the past 2-3 years, but it’s all out in the open and exposed now since being introduced to Yoga Tune Up®, Gil Hedley,Integrated Embodied Anatomy and the amazingness of our ever deepening knowledge of the physical form. Movement truly is medicine and motion is lotion to our constantly adapting tissues! Everyone should have an understanding of their unique anatomical architecture and how to access their own tissues for basic body maintenance as well as self-healing.

Please enjoy the following videos that breathe life into anatomy:


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