Healthcare “Accountability” vs “Affordability” Act

By: Dr Dawn

Let’s face it… healthcare is expensive! Not only are insurance premiums continually increasing, the cost of medications, office visits, hospital stays, etc are astromonical! Over 40 million Americans can not even afford basic healthcare when they need it.

But I submit to you a different healhcare paradigm… one that demands accountability to your human machine. It does not require pricy insurance premiums, pharmaceudicals, or a multitude of office visits to the healcare provider of your choice. It does demand daily care and maintenance of your body.


Learn and practice proper postural alignment and movement every day… practice makes permanent! Years of overuse, misuse, disuse, and abuse of our postural hard and soft tissues is the leading cause of shoulder, knee, back and neck pain.

Sitting Posture Skeletons

Move your human machine every day! Our bodies are made to move. Movement is to humans as oil is to machinery. Move it or lose it!


Use some form of self-myofascial release work to regulate tension and tune up imbalances in the soft tissues. Restore and maintain normal slide and glide. Dedicate 10-15 minutes daily. Do what you can in that time and work out other areas on other days.


Eat whole, unpackaged foods as much as possible and organic when available. Packaged foods contain many unknown additives, hidden sugars and other inflammatory agents including gluten. Learn to cook and put premium fuel in your tank!


Decrease bodily inflammation through food choices. Sugar and gluten are two of the worst instigators of inflammation.  Get rid of them! Learn to cook and put premium fuel in your tank!

Let’s hold each other accountable and educate our friends by posting self-care pictures daily. You can post your meal, self-myofascial release session, your body in motion, etc. Have fun with it!! Post them on your facebook wall, instagram, pinterest, twitter, wherever!

Take back your body! Take control of your health! Join the Food and Movement as Medicine Revolution!


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