Health Insurance Misnomer

By: Dr Dawn DPT

Health insurance in this country should more appropriately be labeled sick care insurance. It is utilized when dis-ease sets in due to lack of attention towards prevention (not usually covered by current insurance plans). And because this so-called health insurance is so costly, many refuse or simply can not afford to address their health in a preventative fashion using food and movement as medicine.

What if we treated our bodies as we treat our cars? Wouldn’t that be awesome!!

We purchase car insurance to guard against the catastrophe of an accident. We then lovingly care for our cars with proper fuel, regular maintenance, washing and waxing, etc. All of this care helps to keep the car running smoothly and preserve the resell value.  So… maybe we should consider purchasing insurance to guard against the catastrophe of sickness – sick care insurance. And then take the money we save on astronomical insurance premiums and lovingly care for ourselves with good nutrition, some regular form of movement, bodywork, physical therapy, acupuncture, meditation, psychotherapy, etc.

healthy fruits and vegetables


Wheel of Health

We would all be a lot healthier and happier and probably wealthier with this shift in perspective.