BAM! She’s baaack! Training in Full Force!

By: Dr Dawn DPT

It has been a challenging couple of months for training.

First, two weekends in late August and early September were dedicated to Level 1 Yoga Tune Up® teacher training certification. I am excited and proud to say I passed my practical and written exams and am now a certified Yoga Tune Up® instructor! I am already incorporating YTU into my PT treatment sessions and can not wait to bring this innovative form of corrective exercise to the triathlete community at large in November!

Second, I was sick with an upper respiratory infection for nearly two weeks in early September. I remain even now with a lingering intermittent cough.

Third, I tried to make up for lost training time and overdid my first run workout after being sick. This resulted in a knee overuse injury that greatly curtailed my ability to increase distance and effort on both the bike and run.

Fourth, my company held our first annual fitness retreat in Ravello, Italy. It was a great success!! However, triathlon training took a 2nd row back seat for sure.

So my training for Ironman New Zealand (March 2, 2013) began in earnest the week of October 8. This is the beginning of my third week of full time training and I’m starting to feel pretty good about where I’m at in the process.  My long bike rides are up to 80 miles, long runs up to 12 miles, and long swims up to 2500 meters (1.5 miles) – not bad considering the challenges leading up to October! I have 19 weeks left and plenty of miles to pile on! It’s a good thing I really enjoy it all!!

I hope you enjoy the following short video that best describes why I do what I do!

And here’s another one… yes… we all know we say these things. It’s really funny hearing someone else say them!!

Maybe they will provide a little insight into the craziness of triathlon training. And if not insight, at least a lot of laughs!! Trust me: we all know we are crazy and we laugh at ourselves as well! I think the only athletes crazier than Ironman triathletes are ultra distance athletes… hmmmm… I wonder if that is what awaits me on the other side of IMNZ.

Ciao ciao… it’s run time!!!




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