Comfort in Discomfort

You are now entering the discomfort zone! Danger Will Robinson! Danger! Danger!

These words were screaming through my brain on the first day of my Yoga Tune Up® Teacher Training. I felt like the proverbial fish out of water surrounded by yogis and yoginis spitting out sanskrit and discussing the nuances of directed pranayama (breathing). Ahhh… the language shifted quickly to anatomy… my old friend and comfort blanket. But then, even the anatomy felt oddly foreign encased in the context of unique Yoga Tune Up® poses like sidewinder, boomerang, frog at the dock, twisted triangle run over by a truck, etc. While I was struggling with sanskrit and breathing, the yogis were struggling with directions of movement, muscle origins and insertions, concepts of agonists, antagonists, and synergists, and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation.

So is this yoga or is this applied functional anatomy? It is both! That is why Yoga Tune Up® attracted me! The unique poses are fun, functional, and body informative. They are based on traditional yoga poses but deconstruct those poses into component pieces that acutely expose your body’s blind spots of imbalanced myofascial tissues whether they be tightness, weakness, or more commonly a poisonous potion of both.

I made it through the practical portion of the course intact and with a fair amount of knowledge where I need to focus due to my body’s blind spots. I leaned on my comfort blanket of anatomy to pull me through the discomfort of leading a savasana and pranayama. And I also have an amazing repertoire of new therapy tools to add to my bag of treatment tricks!

That’s me, Dr. Dawn, in the middle!

Now, I’m knee deep in the written portion of this incredibly thorough certification process. Wish me luck!! I can not wait to bring this very powerful self care practice to my community!!

And never forget… it is important to regularly exercise the brain muscle by pushing your self imposed boundaries boldly into the discomfort zone. Just don’t forget to bring along a little piece of comfort to keep you company while exploring and expanding your horizons. It makes all the difference!


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