Family Influence

By: Dr. Dawn DPT

Well, I have been a bit preoccupied with a long overdue family visit! My Mom and sister have not been to CA since 2005 and they picked last week. Don’t get me wrong… I love my family and we had a great time, but it was a little challenging sharing our 1 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment for the week while running a new business and preparing for an olympic distance triathlon.

I wasn’t sure how we would all get along – me, my wife Kim, my mom and sister, and 2 dogs and a cat! Thankfully it was a peaceful co-existence with no drama!! I was really grateful to spend time with them and have some lovely, unexpected sister chats. I truly respect and love the person she has become and know that who she is now stands on the shoulders of who she was in a more troubled time. And I definitely developed a deeper love for both my mom and my wife and live with eternal gratitude that they really like each other (mutual Leo admiration I believe!). My favorite memories are riding beach cruisers along the bike path and having dinner and drinks with Florence Henderson (yes, Mrs. Brady!).

I think the most important fact I learned over this past week however was only let your family visit during taper week or race recovery week. My training, as well as the rest of my responsibilities including clean eating/fueling, went out the proverbial window! My total training time while they were here: 1 hour. My total eating out and drinking time while they were here: countless (it didn’t help that my mom and Kim had birthdays that needed celebrating :-)). This week: back at it!! I had a fantastic 5 mile tempo run this morning after doing nothing for a whole week! So, on second thought, maybe a family visit and break in my training routine was just what I needed. We’ll see what happens at the Malibu Olympic Triathlon in September…


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