Vineman 70.3 Race Report

By: Dr. Dawn McCrory, PT, DPT

I survived!! I am not completely happy with my race results but I am mostly happy!! I missed my goal time by 23 minutes, but I gained some good information.

Here is how it all went down:

Swim – 40 minutes  – right on target for my goal

Beautiful swim in the Russian River… until I was overrun by a bunch of elbow throwing wild kicking men in red caps! One guy actually swam right over top of me! I did my best to give right back – yanked on the leg of the guy crawling over me hehehe! I had a lovely but short conversation with a woman in my age group as we were treading water waiting for our heat to start. Unfortunately, she had a cardiac arrest during the swim. They revived her on shore and rushed her to the hospital where she passed the next day. You never know when your time is up… Enjoy every moment of every day… There is always always always something to be thankful for! She left this world happy to be participating in her chosen sport!

T1 – 7 minutes – missed my goal by 3 minutes!!

You may ask “what were you doing for 7 minutes?!?” Well, I was packing and repacking my T1 bag so it would be neatly tied for the volunteers who were going to transport it to T2. Yes, this was my first point to point race and I was having issues!

Bike – 3 hours 22 minutes – missed my goal by 7 minutes

The bike course was absolutely gorgeous… but hillier than I expected. Everyone talks about Chalk Hill. By the time I got to Chalk Hill it really didn’t seem like much compared to the rest of the course. And the hills were not big climbs, just a fairly constant incline, slight decline, incline. For all the uphill I feel I did, there was no real pay off for me – the awesome descent!! The scenery made up for it though – miles of vineyards along country roads. I probably could have hit my goal time but I was concerned about my well worn bike chain breaking so didn’t push it too hard.

T2 – 7 minutes 52 seconds – definitely missed my goal time by nearly 6 minutes!!

I really thought I was faster than that. I guess the line at the port-a-potty took longer than I realized. Someday I will learn to be ok with peeing on the bike… maybe.

Run – 2 hours 25 minutes – missed my goal time by 15 minutes

The run was really stunning, especially the couple of miles along the dirt path surrounding the vineyards at La Crema Winery. It was a hilly little course but I had a strategy in place – power walk every hill then resume running. I also quickly walked through each aid station. That gave me time to collect ice for my bra and hat… it was warmish on the run but definitely doable. My usual cramps started about mid way through the run although very light and manageable until about mile 9-10. I walked a good deal when the calf cramping prevented me from running. Calf cramping is a real problem for me on long runs. I have been working on resolving the issue but have not been completely successful to date although it’s improving somewhat. I really need to get this issue under control before Ironman New Zealand! I have added fat to my diet and take calcium and magnesium as well as salt on my long rides and runs. Anyone have any other suggestions? Maybe I just need to use more of the above. I am open to trying anything at this point! Thankfully, I felt really good the last mile and was able to run strong across the finish line! Maybe it was knowing I had a friend waiting with some bubbly in a cooler!!

Overall, Vineman 70.3 was an amazing experience and the course was fun and scenic! I would definitely do this race again! It also gave me some food for thought and issues to work on in preparation for IM training and execution.

Next race – Malibu Olympic Distance September 15, 2012.  Time to reduce the mileage a little and pick up the pace!!


One thought on “Vineman 70.3 Race Report

  1. Awesome write-up, Dr. Dawn. You are an inspiration! The race course sounds lovely. I don’t blame you for not wanting to pee while biking. REI sells a female pee bottle, but I think a towel waist wrap would be in order : )

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