Mind Body Connection

The mental challenges associated with fitness are something each of us can relate to on many levels.  Most often when we chose not to exercise the reason lies in our psyche and not the hectic life pace we tend to keep.

Trainers, coaches and teachers of physical well-being tend to offer words of inspiration, motivation and support during trainings all geared to enhance your mental game.  Television shows like “The Biggest Loser” highlight and focus on the importance the role of “therapist” each trainer offers contestants in addition to the fitness aspect.

As a budding psychotherapist the driving force of my desire to study was to learn about the connection between the mind and body with regard to physical healing.  I have had Multiple Sclerosis for over 26 years and it has become clear to me that my disease is directly related to my mental well-being and physical fitness level.  Without both elements working together keeping my disease at bay, optimal function is impossible and increased disability is the result.

Exercise should not be limited to the body, mental exercise is needed to live your best life as well.  Meditation, breath work, yoga, group and private psychotherapy are all ways that mental exercise is present.  The discipline and focus of any or all of these types of fitness are essential for a successful path toward living your best life.

Once I took time to exercise my mind and appreciate the connection of the mind body path, miracles began to happen with regard to my life.  Wellness of being is the path this connection offers and to believe that fitness and exercise are limited to the physical negates you from living your best life!  Namaste.


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