Road to IMNZ via Vineman 70.3

I am 3 weeks away from Vineman 70.3, my Half Ironman. It is my halfway to Ironman New Zealand March 2013 race. My training schedule has been building weekly with a recovery week once a month. The schedule consists of 12-15 hours in a build week and 7-9 hours in a recovery week .  I am very thankful for those recovery weeks! This week will be my last big week of training before I taper for the race on Sunday, July 15.

Sample Build Week:

Monday: Functional Strength workout

Tuesday: AM Swim 50m course at pool 1 hour followed by Run with speed intervals 1 hour

Wednesday: AM Bike Trainer workout with power and steady state intervals 1 hour followed by 15 min transition run PM Bodywork session

Thursday: AM Run hill repeats or trail run 45 minutes-1.5 hours PM Swim short course 1 hour, Yoga session

Friday: OFF

Saturday: AM LONG RIDE! 60-70 miles with climbing 4-5 hours

Sunday: AM Swim 1.5 hours PM Run 2 hours

Total = 14 hours + strength, yoga, bodywork = 17 hours + stretching and myofascial rolling throughout the week

Sample Recovery Week:

Monday: Functional Strength workout

Tuesday: AM Swim 50m course at pool 1 hour followed by Run with speed intervals 30 minutes

Wednesday: AM Bike Trainer workout with speed intervals 1 hour followed by 15 min transition run PM Bodywork session

Thursday: AM Run hill repeats or trail run 45 minutes-1.5 hours PM Yoga session

Friday: OFF

Saturday: AM Ocean Swim 1 mile 35-40 minutes followed by Ride 40-50 miles with rollers 3-3.5 hours

Sunday: AM Run 1 hour

Total = 9 hours + strength, yoga, bodywork = 11 hours + stretching and myofascial rolling throughout the week

As you can very well see, training for a long distance triathlon takes a lot of time and dedication to the 3 sports involved – swim, bike, run. It also demands a good deal of time be dedicated to self-care  – functional strength training, yoga, bodywork, stretching and self myofascial release – to set up a shield of injury resistance as the training miles build. An injury-resistant body allows for uninterrupted training and sets the stage for a successful race. I have many athlete friends tell me they make little to no time for self-care. I say if you make no time for self-care, sooner or later you will need to make time for an injury. I think the price to pay for a healthy body that can rise to the occasion is far less than the price incurred when injury takes you out of the game!

How much time do you spend on self-care daily, weekly, monthly? Now, how much time did it take to recover from your last injury? The old adage rings true: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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Mind Body Connection

The mental challenges associated with fitness are something each of us can relate to on many levels.  Most often when we chose not to exercise the reason lies in our psyche and not the hectic life pace we tend to keep.

Trainers, coaches and teachers of physical well-being tend to offer words of inspiration, motivation and support during trainings all geared to enhance your mental game.  Television shows like “The Biggest Loser” highlight and focus on the importance the role of “therapist” each trainer offers contestants in addition to the fitness aspect.

As a budding psychotherapist the driving force of my desire to study was to learn about the connection between the mind and body with regard to physical healing.  I have had Multiple Sclerosis for over 26 years and it has become clear to me that my disease is directly related to my mental well-being and physical fitness level.  Without both elements working together keeping my disease at bay, optimal function is impossible and increased disability is the result.

Exercise should not be limited to the body, mental exercise is needed to live your best life as well.  Meditation, breath work, yoga, group and private psychotherapy are all ways that mental exercise is present.  The discipline and focus of any or all of these types of fitness are essential for a successful path toward living your best life.

Once I took time to exercise my mind and appreciate the connection of the mind body path, miracles began to happen with regard to my life.  Wellness of being is the path this connection offers and to believe that fitness and exercise are limited to the physical negates you from living your best life!  Namaste.

Movement and Food as Medicine

By: Dr. Dawn DPT

“Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food.” ~ Hippocrates, Physician

“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition” ~ Thomas Edison, Inventor

“Those who think they have no time for exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” ~ Edward Stanley, English statesman

“Today, more than 95% of all chronic disease is caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies and lack of physical exercise.” ~ Mike Adams, The Health Ranger

There are a plethora of quotes throughout the ages from a wide variety of people regarding the importance of nutrition and exercise for good health. From Hippocrates to Mike Adams, all signs point to the use of food and exercise as our best choices to living a healthy life. So why is 95% of the population still sitting in front of the computer or television screen eating cheetos and drinking soda? Why is there a greater percentage of Americans considered obese than average weight?

Using food and exercise as medicine is not easy. It takes forethought and effort. Many find it easier to take a pill or an injection to treat their illnesses than actually take ownership of their poor choices and work to change them. Accountability is sorely lacking and stressful lives leave us feeling exhausted. Procrastination doesn’t work well either because fast food and snacks are easier to acquire than healthy freshly made meals and exercise usually doesn’t happen if it’s not scheduled.

Grocery shopping must be done weekly to keep a healthy array of fresh produce and lean clean protein in the house. If you can’t get to the store regularly, there are reasonable home delivery options through, and Make sure to have plenty of healthy snack foods on hand as well – raw veggies and fruits, nut butter, nuts, etc. Pack your lunch and snacks for work or school to ensure plenty of good food choices throughout the day. If your week days are just too long and busy to cook dinner, consider cooking for the week over the weekend. It will make week nights much less stressful and hectic and McDonalds or Taco Bell won’t need to be the only option.

Exercise needs to be scheduled into each day (5-6 days/week). When you put it on your schedule like a meeting or an event to attend, it will happen! And don’t forget that parking at the far end of the parking lot, taking the stairs, walking the dog, or bike riding with the kids all count as exercise/movement. Anything that gets us out of a chair or off the sofa is worth counting as activity. Yes, even playing movement-based interactive video games like the Wii. Also, consider signing up for a small group exercise program. Many people are more likely to keep their exercise date when they are accountable to others. Small groups are also a source of supportive community to ensure continued exercise and healthy food choices. Don’t let arthritis or other musculo-skeletal aches and pains stop you. Movement and stronger muscles will actually serve to reduce that pain. Seek out a physical therapist to help you establish a safe exercise program.

So please consider making movement and food your medicine. The only side effect is a healthier more vibrant you! You have to admit this side effect is much more palatable than the extensive list of issues created from pills and injections!

To quote an anonymous source from Pinterest,  “punch that laziness in the face and have a great day!” Start living your best life and set a healthy example for others. It’s not only possible but necessary for a long health-filled existence.