The Attitude of Gratitude

By: Dr. Dawn McCrory

“When you arise in the morning think of what a privilege it is to be alive, to think, to enjoy, to love.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

My ironman training is in full swing… sort of. I am actually focused on my half ironman scheduled for July in wine country. This race will be a nice halfway point on my road to IMNZ and give me an idea of how to adjust and focus my training for the rest of the year. I am already feeling a bit stressed about the added training time. I can barely fit in the training needed for the half at this point, let alone the full ironman! And the more I think about it and try to plan my weekly workout schedule, the more stressed I become.

And then I took a step back this morning and said THANK YOU

I have a lot to be grateful for… my loving and supportive wife, great pups, kitty purrs, a new business (, a savvy business partner, amazing clients and patients who trust me to help them heal, my health, my knowledge and practice of self care to keep me healthy, my parents, morning dog walks, beautiful weather, training partners/friends on the weekends, swim goggles that don’t leak or fog (Sable), a choice between pool and ocean swims, my BlueSeventy wetsuit, great road bike (Trek Madone WSD), fantastic running shoes (Newtons), my Toyota Highlander with a bike rack, sautéed kale and onions with sweet potatoes, awesome chocolate balls rolled in shredded coconut, etc.

When I stopped to think of all that I am grateful for in my life, the other stuff just dropped away. It doesn’t matter if I can’t fit every single workout in for the prescribed time/distance. It doesn’t matter if I get dropped on every hill climb. It doesn’t matter if I struggle with leaving my comfort zone. Nothing really matters but a heart full of gratitude. From gratitude all good things come.

So what are youlgrateful for today? Make a list and say a heart felt thank you for each and every item on that list. Now… doesn’t that feel better than stressing about what you don’t have? I thought so!


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